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วันจันทร์ที่ 30 พฤศจิกายน พ.ศ. 2552

Kai Island Phuket

Egg Island, Phuket.

Egg Island many may not have heard. Eggs  island is not far from Phuket. But boat speed Boat want. It is a small island.

Seaport go to kai Island

Many people, Phuket Island, eggs are unknown. Known to have less focus on players. It may be seen in each precinct. And if to speak of the island.

A tourist attraction and often means that the remote islands such as Koh Phi Phi Island, Similan Island, King, or a majority.

Egg Island is just the same way through the parking or fishing boat. Is known only to those fishermen who come only to visit the wind through.

But recently a number of tourism businesses have turned to powerboat called "Speed Boat want" or Jet boat was called in the first period.

Travel with speed boat

These vessels can delve into all that. Spectacular that large ships can not enter. But this type of boat to be able to go out.

In recent years, this new tourist attraction has occurred in many of these vessels.

Speed Boat want to do it with a lightweight fiber. And install a high speed. Some aircraft have two engines. Are rising to.

Forward quickly comparably equipped turbo car owners.  passengers not familiar with this type of ship that must hold together because they fear disorder.

Vessel rupture is fragmentary. Both types of spring rebound satisfied. Who never would have said that the ride fun and smart and quick and good.

Small island into a large boat, but not speed Boat would want to go over to a beach not be complicated. Important to shorten the time.

Getting to the considerably shorter. Short trips can be arranged for visitors with less. But the opportunity to see many of.

sandy beaches and clear water

 Speed Boat picture want to see the shops or travel agents. It almost led to call attention very well. Contractors to small aircraft.

Between 2-3 people sitting there will be a service or small groups not exceeding 10 people or more are available to rent. When the boat is ready and leave immediately.

Would not take long to object. Charges may be expensive for the Thai people. But this type of boat. Foreigners to be very popular.

Point to snorkel the reef. And various fish species

Egg Island, where  go this time. Trips are short, just a half day in the morning. From the coast around 9:30amand will return to the coast is around noon.

Area of the island, if predictable visual should be approximately 2-3 soccer or smaller as well. The beach to play water only.

Half the other half is vertical rock overlooking the sea bright blue light environment. Not different from the popular island works.

Egg Island is not far from Phuket is how players. If a long road it should not exceed 10 km can clearly see Phuket as well just walk away. But that is very unique and surprising is that the beaches clean. Different from the beaches of Phuket is known as Kata Grant shift entirely. Though the two islands away another player.

The beaches are of soft white children.King Island.When the trip was several years ago. But the sand is more coarse than the island of Egg.

No eggs on the island to hide from disclaims large shadow. But a small tree that saw the general beach. But it can be enough to avoid the sun.

How should people fear the yellow-hot sun, or fear of skin may be less like professionals. If the sun do not hate each . Certification will satisfy everyone.

The right wing corner of the island to snorkel or view coral fish, various colors. If anyone would like to play water then must say that here are white sand beaches.

clear water

A sea as clear as that little paradise hidden in the sea, Phuket. And everyone can have a painless experience to players. Who wants to see. Or want to experience the island paradise like the fairy tale. Egg Island may be the choice not to call up thousands flee and cost much.

I go on the trip. Scorching sun satisfied. But not hot wearily as people often say comparisons. It is a unique sea island.

No mountains to shield wind direction. So no matter which direction the wind will blow it must always be. Is not possible to tolerate direct sunlight.

Others reflect the sand sheet. It must be vibrant and narrow eyes. Who came to see if they carry sunglasses will come with not less.

Who has time to visit Phuket and less. To see the dream of sandy beaches and clear sea water, and then each . Suggest that the egg island flights.

To a half-day trip. Sunbathing or sleeping on a full time western. . Will also be expensive depending on the company. But all that all services will be like them. Not different . This price is the price of speed boat Boat need write. This is more expensive to ship general.